What I’m Up To Lately // 11

This past summer I watched a few of my favorite blogs drop off the face of the planet.  They've posted here and there, but then there was gaping months left in between their posts.  I couldn't help but wonder what happened to these favorite bloggers of mine?  They posted so much, but then, it slowly and suddenly started to come to a stall, than a shudder, than, maybe... a grinding halt? Some of these bloggers are admitting they have too much on their hands and not enough time to blog.  Most of them have newborn babies.  Some of them have more than one child.  Some of them work full-time too, ... read more

Wall Art Turned Bulletin Board for less than $12!

DIY Bulletin Board

I'm here today to show you guys one of my latest projects updates.  But what I really want to share with you guys is a big personal blog post full of a lot of crap!  Nothing of it would be useful to any of you.  But I'm having a hard time trying to figure out a sentence to write about this project because my mind is loaded with a plate full of crap.  So, now that I said that, I feel like I can share how far along my office space has been transformed.  And when I say transformed, it's been transformed slower than a snail's pace I'm sure. In the beginning, it looked like this; Scary, ri ... read more

What I’m Up To Lately Vo. 10

I don't have any wonderful pictures to show you guys today.  Not because I haven't taken any in the last month, I have.  But, life has been so wonderful lately that I'm enjoying sharing it with my family and friends.  Thus, blogging has become a distant memory. I'm here to update you guys on a couple of things.  For one, Jeremiah sold his business.  This has been one of the biggest reasons for my absence.  As you all know, we became self-employed to get away from the job with hardly any pay.  But my business is doing okay, and we're in a comfortable spot.  And our whole goal of starting a bu ... read more

What I’m Up To Lately Vo. 9

PicMonkey Collage

- I fulfilled 160 orders last month, and this month I may average almost the same amount.  After I spend a good solid 4-6 hours on the computer working, I'm too spent to spend any more time to write a blog post.  So instead I've been working on projects and spending time with my beautiful kiddos.  So yes, I'm kinda back-logged with projects to show you guys. :) - We live in the Ozarks, and this place has lots of random wildlife, like Turtles that live in ponds.  Sometimes, they'll wander so far away from their habitat and we'll find them on the road.  That's how the little guy above ended up ... read more