5 Reasons to Put Yourself on a Salary if You’re Self Employed

This is a list of 5 reasons why you should put yourself on a salary if you are self employed.

    Hi Friends! I'm here today to tell you some very important information.  I'm going to give you 5 reasons why you should put yourself on a salary if you're self-employed.  Here's 5 reasons why we did this, and why you should too. 1.  No additional taxes on any business income other than "income tax." When we filed our taxes for 2014, our CPA suggested that we turn my self-employed business into an S-Corp, other known as an S-Corporation.  He said it would save us a couple thousand in taxes by the end of the year.  So, we turned the business into an S-Corp.  S-Corp's ... read more

Flooring Progress and Hallway Wall Art Gallery


Here's the latest progress we've made in our remodel.  We're done laying the laminate flooring. Adding trim is on our to-do list.  We plan to tile underneath the washer/dryer unit and install a transition piece.  This is the closest kitchen picture you'll be getting for now. :) Getting a decent picture of such a dark room is quiet challenging.  So here's a crappy picture with some intense photoshoping.  I want to install shelves in the laundry room - but I'm not 100% sure yet.  It would be nice to have a place to put all the laundry baskets instead of the floor and through out the ... read more

What I’m Up To Lately // 14

What I'm Up To Lately #14

  It is just me, or is the online market filled with 20 somethings?  Ranging from buyers to sellers.  I'm certainly seeing a shift in consumer ages.  The generation Z people are real tech and design savvy.  They're smart.  Ranging from wise purchases to trying to make a living for themselves.  One statistic that does stand out is that most people in their lifetime have a new job every 4-7 years.  My best guess, the people selling now will probably not be around for a long time.  Life changes frequently when you're younger and just starting out.  Me?  I'll be 33 this year.  I'm pretty m ... read more

Our Latest House Fixes (#flipthishouse)

Blue Striped Vintage Cottage French Country Cream King Size Bedding

  This afternoon I had a plan to sort through things in the house and get my much needed "to-do" list items taken care of.  However, my husband has taken a much needed nap right smack in the middle of the house and now I'm confined to the office while the kids are at school.  And this sentence leads me to this..... we're prepping our house to sell because we need a bigger space for our our home office/sleep schedules. Which we knew all along we would sell this house when we first purchased it.  We were looking for something to flip and something that would take care of our "basic ne ... read more