What I’m Up To Lately Vo. 10

I don't have any wonderful pictures to show you guys today.  Not because I haven't taken any in the last month, I have.  But, life has been so wonderful lately that I'm enjoying sharing it with my family and friends.  Thus, blogging has become a distant memory. I'm here to update you guys on a couple of things.  For one, Jeremiah sold his business.  This has been one of the biggest reasons for my absence.  As you all know, we became self-employed to get away from the job with hardly any pay.  But my business is doing okay, and we're in a comfortable spot.  And our whole goal of starting a bu ... read more

What I’m Up To Lately Vo. 9

PicMonkey Collage

- I fulfilled 160 orders last month, and this month I may average almost the same amount.  After I spend a good solid 4-6 hours on the computer working, I'm too spent to spend any more time to write a blog post.  So instead I've been working on projects and spending time with my beautiful kiddos.  So yes, I'm kinda back-logged with projects to show you guys. :) - We live in the Ozarks, and this place has lots of random wildlife, like Turtles that live in ponds.  Sometimes, they'll wander so far away from their habitat and we'll find them on the road.  That's how the little guy above ended up ... read more

Ceiling Paint on The Entryway Ceiling

Ceiling Paint

It felt great to check this project off my list.  Unlike last time, I actually enjoyed painting this small area of the ceiling!  I purchased a new paint brush which made me feel like I was painting with silk.  We had half a can of ceiling paint left from our hallway project, and since the hallway and entryway ceiling connect, I used the same paint.  Total cost of this project was $6, for the new paint brush. To the human eye, it was way obvious that the entryway needed to be painted!  Not only did it not match our freshly painted hallway, but someone did a touch-up job with new ceiling pain ... read more

How to Overcome Work Stress With Three Easy Steps

How to Overcome Work Stress With Three Easy Steps

Ever since I wrote this post about stress, I've tried to find ways on how I could make a few minor tweaks to my business while still giving great customer service and designing great products.  It took me a long time to figure out what exactly I needed to do resolve my stress (over a month!).  I was so overwhelmed with stress that I couldn't think clearly!  But I am here today to say that my stress is gone!  Well, almost.  There will always be that one client or two, but that's part of the job of being a graphic designer.  You'll always have someone that may be trickier to deal with then the re ... read more