What I’m Up To Lately // 13


We did some usual maintenance, like getting a second key made for my car.  The dealer only gave us one and that one key likes to pop itself out of its little hole in my keyless entry thing.  Meaning, it's easily lost.  We went to a key company place locally that has been in the key business for 71 years.  They couldn't figure out how to get the chip in the key to work together with the car.  But they discovered that the chip can't be in the key but has to be in a certain place in the car for it to start.  I know, complicated, right?  But paying $65 for a new key that lets me start my car vs. $2 ... read more

Our New Jute Rug

jute rug by rugsusa.com

Hold it.  Wait a minute!  Stop. Right. There.  Do you see it? I'm not talking about the obvious streaky TV screen from too many tiny hands.  Or that the walls are not shade of blotchy spots.  We're in a process of updating this space.  Bare with me. But, don't you see it?  Have you looked harder? Look at that freshly painted wall in the hallway guys.  Now imagine that freshly painted wall color to also be on the wall behind the TV and above the fireplace. Ohh... see it now?  But wait, that's not the only thing we're seeing (other than new white larger baseboards of course). ... read more

What I’m Up To Lately // 12

What I'm Up To Lately #12

  The last time I have shared the more personal details of my life in these "What I'm Up To Lately" posts was back in October.  Nearly 4 months ago. I wish I can say that we did a lot in 4 months, but, we didn't.  Instead we are living life daily and our projects have been slow.  We're okay with that.  But here's what we've been able to get done. Crafts I worked on a craft project, or two.  Actually a few.  I created two letters to decorate our front door and our gallery wall from our freshly painted hallway.  The girls and I also painted and decorated some ornaments over the Chris ... read more

Our Freshly Painted Hallway Results by Olympia Gravel Paint

Gravel paint by Olympia

Early one morning I took the girls with me to the gym and came home to find that my husband had painted the hallway.  What a nice surprise! Check out this before picture; Please excuse the small size.  It's the only one I could find that closely matched the yellowish walls. You can see in this picture below that we did a sloppy paint job on the trim.  But we plan on pulling that trim out and replacing it with thicker baseboards in white.  No point in being perfect if we're going to throw it away!  I'm really leaning on spray painting that gold base of the ceiling light to a bro ... read more