Currently My Home Office Looks Like This

Work at home mom blog

Remember my home office, when it looked like this? It's looking a whole lot better, my friends.  Take a look! I was working late one evening and moved the desk lamp to a location where I could see my work better.  I liked it so much, I left it.  Click this link to read more about our DIY Bulletin Board. Then, I was cleaning the bedroom (where the office currently resides in), and picked up the purple/green floral arrangement off the floor and put it next to the printer, totally not thinking where I was putting it.  I just needed to get it off the floor! Then I rea ... read more

How to make a DIY Paper Tree


In Emme's last room tour, you may have seen a little paper tree hanging out on top of her dresser. Well, today I'm going to show you how to make that little paper tree!  All it takes is just a little DIY.  It's really easy to make! You'll need: A Vase A plastic branch (I got ours from Hobby Lobby a while back) Scrapbook paper A hot glue gun Scissors I used the scrapbook paper that was left over from what we used to put inside the picture frames in Emme's room.  You can see the scrapbook paper being used in this frame below. What I did was cut little leafs ou ... read more

Updates to Emme’s Big Girl Room

Pinka nd Grey Big Girl Room

I'm way overdue for an update on Emme's room... well here it is! When you last saw Emme's room, it looked like this;     But now, it looks like this; I apologize for the blurry photo, it's the best shot I could get with that light streaming in the window.  Here's another one from a different angle; The headboard and the side table were given to us by Emme's grandparents (my parents).  They found it on Craigslist, including the bed frame and mattress for about $250.  Not bad! My plan is to eventually paint the headboard and night stand to match the dr ... read more

What I’m Up To Lately // 11

This past summer I watched a few of my favorite blogs drop off the face of the planet.  They've posted here and there, but then there was gaping months left in between their posts.  I couldn't help but wonder what happened to these favorite bloggers of mine?  They posted so much, but then, it slowly and suddenly started to come to a stall, than a shudder, than, maybe... a grinding halt? Some of these bloggers are admitting they have too much on their hands and not enough time to blog.  Most of them have newborn babies.  Some of them have more than one child.  Some of them work full-time too, ... read more